Where does one begin? 

Sascha initially studied Euphonium performance at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, and graduated in 2010. After spending several years teaching small children how to use trombones as instruments and not as weapons, Sascha packed up shop and moved to Melbourne to study conducting at Monash University with Dobbs Franks, graduating with Honours.

Meanwhile (because in every good story there is a subplot), Sascha became involved in community radio, starting with  4MBS in Brisbane before her move to Melbourne. When she relocated in 2013, Sascha started presenting and producing for local station 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne. In 2014, Sascha was offered a position in the small full-time staff team.   

In late 2017, Sascha left 3MBS and relocated to London. She's since completed short-term contracts for Musica Viva Australia, the Barbican Centre, and the Royal Opera House. She's currently working for English Touring Opera. 

So this is where we meet.