“I discovered then that the world I was living in was so much more interesting than the world I was capable of conceiving.” 

Nora Ephron 

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Since 2012, I've been making radio. Luckily, the memory of my car-crash pronunciation of an all-Russian program has disappeared into the annals of time. I started at the Brisbane based 4MBS in Cooparoo, and continued my radio-habit after I relocated to Melbourne in 2013 by volunteering at 3MBS.

Broadcasting rewards its devotees like any time-consuming habit. It appears simple, but it is in the tightrope walk that you discover, it is far from easy. You are always your harshest critic, and you strive to get better with every passing day.  

I've put together some of the highlights. Every interview I've engaged in, I've met a person who is charming, captivating, interesting and intelligent. I hope you find the same.


As a huge opera fan, this was my biggest interview ever. It was undertaken over the phone - I was living in Melbourne at the time, and speaking to Renee while she was at home in New York. It was an interview about her album Distant Light, which I genuinely loved. I won't go into depth about any more thoughts I had on the album, but you can read more here

They say never meet (speak to) your heroes, but Renee was eloquent, charming and filled with grace. 



This was another late night phone call interview with Principal Clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic, Andreas Ottensamer. It was ahead of his album 'New Era', which featured music chosen from a rather pivotal moment in the history of the development of the clarinet.