The Round Up | 12 02 2018

It's been a week. A really really long and exciting week, but here we are starting again on a Monday all the same. Mostly I've been reading like a madwoman, as there's been quite a few interesting thought pieces from various music journalists (and not so journalists). I also watched the entirety of 'The Marvellous Mrs Maisel' on a long bus trip to Leeds. Well worth the time.

Music |

Firstly, to understand my headspace, listen to Zan Rowe's Monthly Mixtape.  You could listen to my Homesick playlist, but it's short and depressing. 

Podcast |

I suggested it last week, but the Helga podcast is great. I'm about to embark on a four hour bus journey tomorrow, and it will be my companion. When you've become as obsessed with her as I am, you can read this profile here

Other Reading |

I've been stalking a lot of Lebrecht this week, primarily because he's been gleefully reposting the ROH Carmen reviews and I couldn't disagree more. However, he did link to this fantastic article 'Through our critics eyes.' Anne Midgette always writes beautifully, and I loved her take in this piece. I'm primarily sharing so I can return to this. 

Then I fell down a rabbit hole and never climbed out again.

Firstly, this article ahead of the Kosky premiere, which isn't a review, but is a great interview by the NY Times. Then I saw on a google ad (google knows me) the new season for the LA Phil had been launched. I've read every interview (almost) that Deborah Borda ever did (the previous CEO of LA Phil - more on her another time), and so I became curious about the person who has filled the spot. Turns out his name is Simon Woods, and you can read all about him here.  Then read Alex Ross's thoughts on the season here.

Alex Ross originally tuned me into the music (and story) of Amy Beach a couple of years ago, and he's written another piece on the balance of the canon here - with a feature about the music of Florence Price. I haven't done much digging yet to hear her music, but it is very interesting.

If I were a rich (wo)man |

The Phene, Shoes of Prey & Opera Holland Park