The Round Up | 06 02 2018

It's the first week of February in London, and it's dark, FREEZING, and dark again.

Podcasts |
I love a well-produced monologue style podcast, and that's what I found this week from The Guardian. It's called The Start, and it's short, well-produced, glossy, and underneath it all features a sparse, ebbing soundtrack. Thumbs up. It's early days, so I'll be interested to hear if the theme shifts, but it looks like it will traverse a wide variety of subjects as the first two episodes feature Damien Hirst and Sophia Coppola. Listen here.  

All my friends are sick of it, but I'm a long-term advocate and disciple of The Barefoot Investor, so I was excited to hear a new money podcast - and downloaded - The Pineapple Project - as soon as it appeared on my recommended podcast list. Let me elaborate that it's not from the Barefoot Investor - but the producer Monique Bowley is also a fan. If you are a creative type who doesn't like to think too hard about what money you aren't earning, or non creative type who doesn't like to think too hard about what money you aren't earning, it's great. 

Opera |
On Saturday I went to the dress rehearsal Barrie Kosky's new production of Carmen. It was bonkers, it was edgy and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The reviews have been less than favourable - especially pointing to the 'derivative choreograpy', but I thought it was captivating, and I truly believed that every action served the forward momentum of the plot. For a piece that is so often performed, I found myself mostly transfixed (except for a slightly slow section at the end of the second act... but that could have been a need for caffeine in a matinee).

The true star was the diva herself - Carmen as performed by Anna Goryachova - who was everything in sound, and then also in performance. I am trying to find recorded evidence that does justice to her singing, but have come up short. For background reading - I read this profile on Kosky here. I'll probably keep hunting. 

Other bits and bobs |

This piece on orchestras post Brexit, and this rather splendid interview (for all the wrong reasons) with Angela Gheorghiu.

You can take the girl out of the radio station, but you can't take the radio station out of the girl. I've found this rather fantastic station - an offshoot of WQXR - called New Sounds. It's blatantly aimed at a young demographic - millennial pink is everywhere - but after listening to the station I re-discovered a recording I loved from the soundtrack of a podcast, so it's well worth the time spent.  

They have a conversation podcast (ANOTHER! I love it) called Helga, and at the time of writing I'm halfway through the Allan Gibert episode - but Solange will follow immediately after.

Just because I can tell you are asking - the soundtrack was Daniel Hart, and it was *the* sound of S-Town.

If there was 48 hours in a day | 

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