The Round Up | 04 05 2018

Ah it's technically May, so the month of April has really passed us by... but there's still time for a round up. I mean, there's always time for a round up really. 


So I've just dived through my diary to see what I've actually gone to this month, so I could write something, anything about what I've been doing. 


I started classes at CitiLit in Covent Garden, which has been a stretch in a very different direction for me. I'm going to Playwriting 1  classes and it's just such a fantastic way to spend time on my Wednesdays. 

It was perfectly timed with the arrival of Gimlet's new fiction podcast, Sandra


I've been all around the country in the last few weeks - Aldeburgh, Cambridge, Guildford, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds proper. The weather has finally turned, and I'm starting to experience exactly what makes the UK so beautiful and wonderful during the summer. Long nights, mild weather, sunshine and everyone is suddenly in a fantastic mood. 


So who have I heard lately? The Aurora Orchestra, when Tamara came to town. Far from what I've started to expect from them, they programmed quite a conservative program - except for a new work Martin Suckling's Candlebird. 


LPO then performed Persephone - with Dame Kristen Scott Thomas as the narrator. It was an astonishing piece, really unexpected, and to my mind, does a lot to change the perspective of those who think Stravinsky is a brash, angular nationalist, who then transformed into a calculated neoclassical mathematician. This piece reveals a composer (who we did know is in there) of depth of feeling, grace and fragility. Worth a listen. 


In between I choofed off to a Graham Norton taping at the BBC centre. That was an incredible experience - and quite straightforward, you just need to apply and get tickets. Do that here


Lastly I went to the ROH performance of 4.48 Psychosis at Hammersmith Theatre. It's absolutely incredible use of orchestration to intimate theatrical ideas, and I was incredibly moved by elements of the production. Read more about Sarah Kane if you can. 


Other reading 


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