The Round Up | 17 06 2018


I'm a few days late posting this for June, however it means I can fit Beyonce and Jay Z in my highlights, so I think that's worthwhile.

In other news, theatre has taken over my life in a new way. I'll run through the highlights. 

I saw one of the early showings of Julie at the National Theatre. I've been pondering some of the theatrical techniques and stage directions for days afterwards - which  think is a sign of great theatre. I won't spoil anything, and it's not a perfect play - my mind certainly had a little walk, and came back at several points. However, I found it really resonated with me of the identities of modern class, and the trappings of being born with it all.  You can nab tickets for 15 pounds, so no excuse really. 

We had a group outing to see Red - the double-hander about Mark Rothko and his fictional assistant. I loved going to this from an academic point of view. The staging was beautiful and there was a lot to appreciate about the work, but it is essentially the examination of an artist's mind, and I think I get enough of a close-up in my day job, without needing to explore that in my free time. 

For my birthday we bought 25 tickets to Matilda through Today Tix. Nothing else to it, except Matilda is excellent, and I sang 'when I grow up' for 300 hours afterwards. 

As I'm spoilt for brains at the moment, I also went and saw Leave Taking at the Bush Theatre. Even though it was written in the 90s, it doesn't feel dated for a single moment. The piece is really about the generational challenges of immigrants but it's such an incredible piece, that spoke truths on the stage. 

I saw Acts II and III of Lohengrin at the Royal Opera House, which was grand, though there were aspects of the production I didn't enjoy too much. The director was the same as the recent Semiramide, so that made more sense to me. 

Then I saw the On the Run II tour with Beyonce and Jay Z. Not much to say except it's amazing, and I'll be listening to more Yonce on repeat for days. 

Other things I've seen (need to cut my spending, but ... why would I want to?) 

Nightfall at the Bridge Theatre  

Joyce DiDonato


The Moderate Soprano

Kronos Quartet  

Max Richter 


Trying to read more, and trying desperately to justify purchasing a new iPad Pro... they are so shiny and fun. But that's until next time.